Paul Bunyan Saw Mill

Paul Bunyan Saw Mill

Nico Garvin, Owner and Operator
I bring my Wood-Mizer LT40 to you and mill your logs into quality lumber for your building projects. I can mill all types of wood into any dimension you like. I calculate to ensure you get the most out of your trees with as little waste as possible while working hard and efficiently. I believe trees are a precious natural resource that we should make the most of. Tree-cycle your timber into something beautiful that can be enjoyed for generations.

Serving Nevada County
and surrounding areas.

The Portable Wood Mizer LT40 bandsaw mill is capable of cutting logs up to 34inch in diameter or 20ft in length.
I can come to your property and mill the trees from your land.

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Contact Nico Garvin, Owner and Operator
(510) 703-9940

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