Caffall Bros Forest Products, Inc

Newberg, OR
(503) 487-6575

1308 East Oak Knoll Court
Newberg, OR 97132
(503) 487-6575

Caffall Bros. Forest Products’ business is marketing raw logs. The Company has several different locations in which it purchases logs in Oregon and Washington. Rainier, Oregon and Longview, Washington’s working circle is north to Olympia, Washington, south to the Portland Metro area and west to the Oregon and Washington coasts. Philomath, Oregon which covers the central Willamette Valley to the coast. The Molalla, Oregon area includes the Portland metro region east to the Cascades and south to the Salem district.

Caffall Bros. Forest Products purchases most of the conifer and hardwood species that grow in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho. We are particularly interested in Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar saw logs and house logs.

Douglas Fir saw logs aquired by Caffall Bros. are primarily used in the export market. These logs will be sent into the Japanese, Chinese and Korean log markets. Logs that do not make this export category are sold to the local domestic sawmills and made into lumber to be used in home construction throughout the United States.

The Western Red Cedar saw logs are predominantly used domestically in the Pacific Northwest sawmill industry. The principal use of the logs is in the production of fencing, decking and siding which will be used throughout the country.

Our house logs are carefully chosen with our log home builders’ specifications in mind. We visit each site to select product that will meet our clients’ needs. Caffall Bros. has also provided specialty logs for stream restoration, pole barns, Indigenous American long houses, beams and decorative pieces.

We work closely with several conifer and hardwood domestic sawmills in Oregon, Washington, Montana and Idaho. These mills utilize a variety of species and Caffall Bros. supplies them with quality saw logs for their particular usage.

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