Black Bear Sawmill

Black Bear Sawmill
(612) 590-4491

Black Bear Sawmill

Jim Kaiserlik
Phone Number: (612) 590-4491
Email Address:
Address: 37550 Flamingo St NW


  • Log Removal- We can remove fresh logs the power company left behind. If the logs are usable I would pick them up for free. If not, a quote will be provided for your consideration. We use an environmentally friendly articulated loader to move large logs which means very little impact to your yard. See the image of us loading a 2500 pound log onto our trailer! We don’t tear up the yard!
  • Log Moving- Our loader helps us move logs quickly and safely. We can move logs on your property with little impact to your yard.
  • Sawyer Service- We can saw your logs into lumber, live edge slabs, beams and posts. We can cut a beam or board up to 24 feet 7 inches long! We can help you create that unique and special bench out of that mis-shapen log. Let your imagination run wild!

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