80-4H 4-Cycle Fire Pump

80-4H 4-Cycle Fire Pump

Wick 80-4H 4-Cycle Fire Pump
Performance, versatility, low weight, wraparound frame, stability and ease of operation are all hallmarks of this outstanding pump! The 4-stroke, 1.5 hp Honda engine with an integral fuel tank produces a highly efficient power to weight ratio at very low noise levels. The unique clutch feature conserves energy by allowing the engine to idle without engaging the pump. Low fuel consumption, as well as the bolt-on detachable foam-compatible pump, also help make this unit a favorite in rapid attack and mop-up operations. Meets the emission standards of US EPA/CARB regulations.

Pump Type: Centrifugal single stage. Maximum PSI: 70. Maximum Output: 55gpm. Priming Device: 1-1/2” male NPSH. Outlet Size: 1-1/2” male NPSH. Dimensions: 14”L x 11”W x 11”H. Weight: 17.8 lbs.

Stock Number: 93790

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