AccuMASTER™ XT Moisture Meter


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AccuMASTER XT Moisture Meter

Affordable and easy to use, this meter measures moisture content in firewood, lumber, brick, concrete, drywall, and plaster. To get started, simply remove the protective cover and push the stainless steel pins into the material to be measured. Moisture content is shown as a percentage on the large, backlit LCD display as well as with icons that indicate if moisture content is high, medium, or low. In addition, an audible alert gets faster as moisture content increases. A Hold switch locks the reading on the display, and the meter automatically powers off after 3 minutes to conserve battery power. Protective cap, 9V battery, and user’s guide included. One-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Measuring Range: 5% to 50% (wood); 1.5% to 33% (other building materials). Accuracy: ±3%. Power: 9V battery (included).

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 12 in


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