Market your Expertise

From your dashboard you can update your profile image and details. Writing a descriptive profile is highly recommend. Visitors may review this when deciding who to contact and hire for their sawmill project. Investing a little time in this can really pay off.

Have your customers register at the Sawmill Finder and they will be able to write a review on your listing. This will add great value and confidence to your business listing when potential clients see positive reviews!

More than just advertising your sawmill service you can sell your lumber, logs and more.


Claim Listing

  • First, Register
  • Second, search>categories>state >your ad
  • Thirdly, claim listing
  • Fourth, leave some identifying details for me
  • Fifth, claim for $25, then use coupon code
  • Finally, edit your free listing!

Select sign in from menu. You will be prompted to sign in or register. Choose register, then fill in your username and email. You will need to confirm your account through an email sent to you. YClick on the link in your email and you will then be redirected to your profile. You can select a profile image (optional), set your name and profile details (optional). Click Save. Then go to listings in the menu, click on Portable Sawmills or click on categories in the search box and scroll down to find your state and click on it. Locate your listing and click on it. There will be a “Claim listing” link on the right hand side, click on it. Leave me some details so I can be sure it is your listing (it’s me!). Then click “Claim for $25.00” Use the coupon code you received in your email ($75.00 value) to receive your new listing for free. Be sure to click “Apply Coupon” and finish filling in the form.

Now you can edit your listing and update your details. Be sure to upload some photos so that you will stand out on the listing page for your state.


Register Now

“Use the coupon code you received in your email ($75.00 value) to receive your new listing for free.”

As a Bonus, use the coupon again to upgrade your account to the Premium Package so you will be able to place more ads for your service in additional States and post up to 100 listings in the Buy & Sell section. Don’t wait as this coupon will expire on March 5th.

Visitors at your listing can reach out and contact you without leaving your ad.

Customers can purchase your goods and pay right here on this web site. You request a payout and we send you a check or instant transfer directly to your bank through Zelle. To learn more about Zelle Click here.